Incredible fast conversion ⚡ of your static content into video

Give us a URL and we will create a video. Html ➡️ Video.

How it works

From any URL of your website with static content (text and photos) We create amazing videos, whether it is a post, product, or any other content.

Content analysis

We analyze the content of your URL

multimedia resources

Identify required multimedia resources

amazing video

Create an amazing video


Add your brand (bumpers and logo)


Intelligent Video

For News Media and Blogs

We can transform any content or post from your website into videos, it will seem like magic ;). Our technology recognizes your content, summarizes it in a few phrases, searches for media files (images and videos) necessary to compose the scenes, and generates an astonishing video practically "in real time".

Take a look at some examples

Tailored Video and Tailored Video Premium

Customized videos for all your dynamic content that are specifically designed for clothing brands, e-commerce, real estate agencies, and all websites that have a regularly updated extensive catalog.

If you need to create customized videos from your website, no matter how specific it might be, we can easily do it for you (websites such as sports sites presenting pre- and post-game content, job search sites, applications download sites, hotels, reviews, cooking recipes, product comparisons…you name it!).

We are sure that you have always thought about creating videos of your products, but you have never dared, due to the number of products in your catalog, or the speed your content updates—not to mention the cost to complete all this work. With Up.Video, this is no longer an issue. We are capable of creating more than 10,000 videos of your products per hour, for an incredibly low price. We can produce amazing videos for fashion products, vehicle retailing, rental properties, online store products, and more, at dizzying speeds.

Take a look at some examples

Why should I convert my content to video?

Earn more money from advertisement

For media and blogs, having video content means boosting advertising revenue. It is no secret that nowadays the most profitable advertising is obtained, by far, from video advertisements (Pre, Middle or Post Rolls). According to Google, during the next two years (2018 - 2019) advertisers will direct the majority of their online advertisement investments in video display ads.

Increase your traffic and visibility

Most search engines today emphasize the importance of having organic social video, as it positions your content astonishingly well. Video will also exponentially increase your reach in social media.

Increase your audience EXPONENTIALLY

In addition to generating your video content we will make it
disseminate across the world.


Uploading your videos automatically, and linking them to your source URLs will not be a problem. Your SEO team will be happy to find thousands of links from YouTube ;)


We will automatically upload the videos that we generate to your fan pages, which will reach more users and increase your audience exponentially.


Our system can automatically upload our videos to your Twitter profiles, create hashtags, and tag users ... we can automate everything you need.

Pinterest, Instagram, Vimeo, Tumblr...

Increase your reach, and discover users you would have never attained by sharing your video content on social media.